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Farewell NOLA

Published by Arjun Juneja
It’s 7:03 am and I wake up…not to the usual and annoying sound of my phone alarm, but something different, …
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Diversity and Youth Employment

Published by Shivam Patel
We are more than halfway done with our Duke Engage Durham North Carolina experience. I have been working at the …
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hands coming in together

Painting a Rainbow Nation

Published by Charlaine Chen
Sunshine is composed of all colors that exist. And it is only with all these colors together that sunshine is …
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When Only Isn’t so Lonely

Published by Yilmaz Oklay
My experience this summer has provoked me to think about what it feels like to be “only.” I have spent …
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Hello Singapore

Published by Breanna Polascik
In the week and a half that I’ve been in Singapore for my DukeEngage Independent Project, it already feels like …
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I Am American

Published by IreneKoc
I am American. At least that’s what I try to say when kids and adults ask me “what are you? …
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