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Blinded from Reality

Published by Srinath Soundararajan
American flags waving everywhere. Patriotic music playing from the speakers of food trucks parked on the grass. People everywhere standing, …
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Liberty and Justice for all?

Published by Gianna Miller
July 4th. A day that brings even the most unpatriotic people out to the BBQ wearing red, white, and blue. …
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One Point Five

Published by Elaine Zhong
Code-switching is the favorite activity of Miamians. As I constantly hear people switch between Spanish and English seamlessly at work, …
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The Challenge of Uncertainty

Published by Kristina Smith
How has your identity been challenged? – A question posed at Reflection   Mark one of the following: Black/African American, …
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water surrounding a chinese-style building

Transparent Body Suits

Published by AthinaVrosgou
Last weekend, our team split up to go on our personal trips — half went to Shanghai, while the other …
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African in South Africa

Published by Mumbi Kanyogo
1. I am aware that suffering and the resulting struggle build whole nations, historical connections, unbreakable bonds. I imagine the …
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Welcome to America

Published by Sanjidah Ahmed
“Are you from Iraq or Kuwait or…” I’m from Kansas, but that doesn’t matter. When someone asks me where I’m …
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