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This image is of a tree with roots underground. The roots stand for the causes which lead to a problem at the ground surface, and the tree above ground represents the symptoms of the problem which are visible to the world.

Addressing the Root Cause

Published by Cidian Edwards
This week, I met with the supervisor of the Substance Abuse and Recidivism Reduction program at the Criminal Justice Resource …
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Gavel smashing hand cuffs

Just the Beginning!

Published by Cidian Edwards
Criminal justice reform is something that I have become very passionate about since my time attending Duke University. However, my …
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Getting to Know Durham

Published by Martha Pahren
Yesterday morning we attended a panel at Durham Town Hall where we heard from several leaders in the Durham community …
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My Notes App

Published by Carolyn MacLeod
“Rape is not about sex. Rape is about power.” I quickly tapped this quote from an office coworker into a …
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The Big Easy- Why Am I Here?

Published by Brianna Joyce
I wrote at length and spoke enthusiastically in my application and interview for Duke Engage about why I chose this …
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Fair Discrimination

Published by Anna Chulack
As I approach the end of my time here in Cape Town and look forward to returning to Duke, I’ve …
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Wounded Hippos

Published by Lily Koning
During Duke Engage Academy, we were told two stories. In the first of these stories, the ocean washes thousands of …
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