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A Collection

Published by Rachel Beza-Juarez
Doing a DukeEngage independent project this summer was not something I anticipated or truthfully was entirely prepared for. However, as …
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Life is a (Turtle) Highway

Published by Ashley Rosen
The Before: As I stood on the bank of the Hanalei River where the river’s mouth meets the salty ocean …
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Beamish Museum

Published by Elizabeth Wheeler
For our last planned weekend event, we visited Beamish museum. Beamish is an open-air museum that recreates what life was …
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This green-ish blue tree I saw in the middle of a park is the most beautiful tree I have seen here. This photo does not do it justice. The tree towers above the others and stands out with its color.

Portland First Thoughts

Published by Kayla Marr
I have now been in Portland for four full days. I have encountered many things that I enjoy about the …
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