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My Fifth Week In China

Published by J
Coming upon the conclusion of my fifth week in China, I find myself in a new state.  No longer do …
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duke student surrounded by Chinese school children

Post 5 – Guns and Rhythms

Published by DanielSong
The past few days at dinner, Leo has tried to probe deeper into my beliefs and what life in America …
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Duke student with laptop sitting in circle with students on floor


Published by IreneKoc
“Wow, your house is just like I dreamed the houses in America to be, so big and grand, not like …
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Small Gifts

Published by CarolineWang
No. 9 students love gummies. After performing a very scientific experiment on Thursday—which was Children’s Day as well as my …
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DukeEngage student leading a dance class

Time is Flying

Published by PamelaSurran
Frustration is the best word to describe this past week. For the fifth time since January, I fell ill. In …
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Street festival

No Rest for the Weary

Published by Megan Wong
Another week has gone by, and it seems as if each week is passing more quickly than the one before …
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Students in classroom

A Lonely Place

Published by NadiaFord
Bad moods are my worst enemy. If my life were a movie, which I am pretty convinced it is at …
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