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My name is Morgan Bird, and I am a rising junior studying Statistical Science and Sociology. At Duke, when I’m not in the classroom, I love serving on Duke University Union’s Executive Board. Duke University Union (DUU) is Duke’s largest media and programming body and is the parent organization of thirteen different committees. These committees host both recurring and large events, such as trivia and karaoke in the Krafthouse, Jazz@ the Mary Lou, and LDOC. Last school year, I served as one of the LDOC co-chairs and am currently the Vice President of External Affairs.

Like many Duke students, I was not sure which clubs and organizations I wanted to get involved in when I first stepped foot on campus, but I found my home in DUU. I was drawn to the organization by each member’s passion for providing events for the Duke community, and I loved seeing how much students enjoy and cherish these programs and traditions. Through DUU, I was exposed to the field of student affairs, and I wanted to know how I could get involved with on-campus programming initiatives on a larger scale. That is when I heard about NACA…

The National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) is a nonprofit organization committed to advancing higher education through providing the necessary resources and information to improve campus life. Through DUU, I had the opportunity to go to NACA’s national convention in Boston during the spring of 2018. At the national convention, I noticed that NACA’s values and goals were in line with those of DUU, and I wanted to know more about the organization. NACA emphasizes stewardship, innovation, communication, respect, learning, and inclusivity, and it strives to foster campus engagement and ensure diverse and enjoyable campus programs at universities across the nation. As I learned more about NACA’s vision and goals, it was clear that providing on-campus programs is about more than putting on concerts and events. Programs are a way for students to find a home on their campus. They are a way for students to become involved in campus life to a greater extent. Thus, programming, student affairs, and student involvement are an important aspect of universities.

This summer, I will be participating in an independent DukeEngage with the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) in Columbia, South Carolina. During my eight weeks, I will be helping the organization as an interdepartmental intern with a focus on communications, web design, and marketing. During my first few days with the organization, I have worked on tasks such as collaborating with volunteers to facilitate online regional updates, updating online conference programs for the NACA app, and building HTML web pages.

I am eager to see what this summer has in store for me as I serve NACA and learn more about the role of student affairs and programming initiatives in academia. Additionally, I hope to discover where student affairs fits in my own academic and professional puzzle.