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Anders Campbell headshot

Anders Campbell was a member of DukeEngage’s pilot year programming in 2007. That summer experience in Durham set him on a path to become an educator, school founder, and education advocate. Even though his DukeEngage experience was more than a decade ago, the lessons he learned then still influence his work–and his perspectives–today.

Why did you choose your DukeEngage program/independent project?

I was invested in working with and supporting students in a local context while learning more about the city I lived in.

What are you doing now academically/professionally?

I am currently an education consultant for Public Impact. We support schools in extending the reach of excellent teachers, with a special emphasis on supporting students whose needs have historically not been well met.

Did DukeEngage influence your academic or career path? If so, how?

DukeEngage directly influenced my choice to pursue a career in education. My first experience in the classroom was through my DukeEngage summer program. From the exposure provided during my DukeEngage summer, I began my career teaching, then opened a charter school in Durham before moving to consulting.

What was the most meaningful part of your DukeEngage experience (personally, academically, or professionally)?

The most meaningful part of my DukeEngage experience was the relationships I formed with the students I worked with as well as the professional relationships I developed with those working in the field.

Do you have a specific lesson learned from your DukeEngage experience that still holds true today? If so, what was it?

I learned the importance of developing relationships and how you can begin to affect change through those relationships.

Are you still connected to DukeEngage? If so, how and why?

I am not currently, although I would like to be involved with the DukeEngage Gateway mentor program moving forward.

Do you think DukeEngage is an important program? Why or why not?

I think DukeEngage is incredibly important for the purpose of broadening a student’s understanding of the world around them, either in a local context or beyond. DukeEngage supports students in learning through an immersive experiential program.

What’s one thing you want people to know about DukeEngage—in general, or about your particular experience?

My experience with DukeEngage-Durham helped me gain a deeper appreciation for the amazing city that I lived in at the time and that has become home.