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This past week has been both exhausting and exciting. I got to teach the stem lesson that both my partner and I have been working on for what seems like a long time. We had the girls learn about BME and understand what are the important aspects of good designs for engineers. We started off by explaining the muscular and skeletal system then we transitioned to prosthetics and showed two videos; one video was about a little girl with a prosthetic and the other was about an engineer who creates prosthetics for animals. then we asked them why it is important to understand the muscular and skeletal systems when creating a prosthetic, and for the most part it went well.

After we separated them into groups and gave each group a client. The girls then had to create a prosthetic for their clients. Some of them were really great and others needed improvement. For the most part, the girls seemed to find it fun and exciting. I also had fun and enjoyed Stem.

For the rest of the time during each day at camp I helped a girls inc facilitator teach seventh graders informed and in charge. We went over the reproductive system a little, the menstrual cycle, the anatomy, and puberty. The girls were very funny, they reacted dramatically and seemed not so comfortable. I enjoy supporting the girls inc staff during this time. I also helped with the elective class called arduino. It was something I have never done before so it was difficult and I could not really help.