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This week we focused on robotics. The girls were separated into groups of three and all built lego robots that were then connected to an EV3 which powered the robot. They then used the iPads and the joystick to move the robot around. They really enjoyed building and the groups, for the most part, worked nicely. There was only one issue which we did our best to solve.

For Girls Inc class I helped support the college bound class. We started off the week by doing personality tests and allowing them to explore different occupations. They were very excited and had a lot of energy. I also helped the cooking class; they made bread and were so good with the teacher.


On Tuesday we did robotics again and they started creating mazes and coding the robots to follow them. In girls inc class they created posters for their future occupations. They also did cross the line and a lot of them got emotional. It has been so eye-opening seeing what all of these girls have gone through. For electives Nike came and taught an exercise camp, it was very fun.


We did robotics again and they worked on their mazes again. In the girls inc class they presented. And in electives they got their bread.


We did robot olympics! They had to recreate their mazes because they were accidentally thrown away. They seemed to have fun though. In girls inc class we had to act as a college panel and the girls were able to ask us about college, it was really fun. They asked very funny and sweet questions. In electives Vans came and the ninth and tenth graders made skateboards. I got to make one too it was so fun, and when the girls were able to take them home it was great they reactions were amazing.


Field trip with the Girls INC students.