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This summer I have been attending reflection classes weekly through DukeEngage. These meetings have been helpful for me to reflect. How will I reflect after the project ends?

It will be a lot harder to reflect without a group to reflect with. Because the project will be over, I will probably think about the work I will have finished less. This means that I will reflect less. In order to reflect more, I will first have to make sure I will think about my project frequently.

How can I remember to remember my DukeEngage project? Ideas for this range from a post-it note to a weekly reminder on my phone. What will be more effective? To find out, I will have to do some trial and error.

What will reflecting look like after my DukeEngage experience is over? Thinking about the project will probably not be enough. Maybe I can write a sentence or two every time I have to reflect. Another option might be to talk to the other people in my group project every once in awhile, although that admittedly doesn’t sound like it will bring about any meaningful reflection.

Another obstacle in the way of reflection is that I will probably be lazy when it comes to reflecting. For example, I might not want to reflect because it takes work. The only way to overcome this is to have determination to reflect.

In any case, I hope that I will be able to continue reflecting because reflecting is good for you. Furthermore, it would help me remember what I’ve learned during my DukeEngage experience to regularly reflect.