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Time has passed very quickly in Cape Town. It is difficult to realize that most of my time in South Africa has already passed. I refuse to believe that there are only three weeks left in this place which has become to feel like home to me. In recognition of that, I would like to reflect on some of my favorite moments in the “mother city.”

  • When the plane touched down and I looked out my window. Everything was alive. Lush green foliage touching blue waters. We passed over Table Mountain…there aren’t words to describe how it looked from above.
  • Walking through the gardens on our first day here. I felt like I had descended into another world.
  • Going to Long Street for the first time and hanging out with the people in my group. Eating grilled cheese and tomato soup at Clarke’s (and watching Zack’s face when his mini burger came out, then watching everybody laugh when they realized how shook up he was about it).
  • Going to the mexican restaurant down the street and having conversations, genuine conversations, about race and culture in ways we would never be able to at Duke.
  • Seeing the waterfront at sunset. Amber spilling over into the landscape. I wanted to live in that moment forever. Afterwards we spent the night at a nice restaurant where we huddled under blankets and watched the rest of the sky fade away.