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This week officially concludes the camp, with regular synchronous meetings on Monday through Thursday, and the final camp session on Friday. I truly enjoyed working with all the girls, as well as the incredible Girls Inc. staff members that are so supportive, understanding and kind. 

At the beginning of the week, we helped the girls with working on their presentations. I was so incredibly impressed by how some of the girls were able to take leadership roles, communicate with their peers, and organize team work. 

At the conclusion of the camp sessions, the girls went ahead and presented their presentations, by which I was absolutely blown away by how much they have grown, and how they have demonstrated their strength, confidence and wonderful character and every step of the way. I was so inspired by all the hard work they have put in, all the skills they have mastered, and all the leadership they have demonstrated — whether it’s a presentation advocating for shelter animal protection, a professionally created website raising awareness for period poverty, or LGBTQ rights. At the final session, I was also absolutely empowered by the girls’ talent show – whether it’s their singing, amazing artwork, violin playing, etc. I feel truly honored and inspired to be part of the program, which has been a truly rewarding and wonderful experience for me.