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This week, filled with individual readings and reflection, was an abrupt change from the commotion of camp we became accustomed to after two weeks. With camp over, we used this week to recover by spending a lot of time reading a book called All We Can Save, which features a variety of authors and writing styles detailing viable solutions for the climate crisis. We read half of the book this week, four sections of about seven chapters each, and it has been wonderfully eye-opening and informative so far. Our group discussion Friday also helped us digest the wealth of knowledge we have been intaking through this book over the last week. For this discussion, each person in out Orange County DukeEngage developed a thought-provoking question or two based on a specific passage in the text. This exercise showed me how different our perspectives can be, even within a group that has so many common interests, as each member of our group was drawn to different passages for very different reasons. I was afraid that once camp was over we would have nothing important or meaningful to work on, but these discussions have proved to be very important, as we are discussing and learning how to change the future of our entire planet and its inhabitants. Overall, this week has shown me the importance of continuing to learn and grow, even in times of less work and business.