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Supporting children, families, and educators who were victims of hurricane Dorian

Bahamas - NEW FOR 2020!
Dates June 22 - August 18
Program Focus

Collaborating with faculty from the University of the Bahamas and local non-profits supporting efforts to establish an education initiative to assist youth displaced by the ravages of Hurricane Dorian.


Program Leaders
Service Themes
  • Children & Youth Services
  • Education & Literacy
  • Environment & Conservation

DukeEngage-Bahamas Overview

The effects of Hurricane Dorian on children and families in the Bahamas are similar to those in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. However, the Bahamas is truly a developing country, which makes the recovery more challenging.

In this program Duke students will work with Professor Harris, faculty and staff from the University of the Bahamas, and with school teachers who live in Nassau to provide educational support to school children in Nassau. They will also provide technical (statistical and qualitative research) support to nonprofit agencies trying to plan strategies that will minimize the disruption to the lives of children and families caused by tropical storms and hurricane in the future.

This project has the potential to enable Duke University to establish a lasting presence in the Bahamian context in ways that contribute to an enduring legacy.


Partnership Opportunities

Students will work on two projects:

  • First, they will assist in the setup of a school for over 800 displaced students in grades 1-12 who lost one or more (and some entire) family members in the ravaging storm of Hurricane Dorian in September 2019. Displaced youth are from Abaco and Grand Bahamas Islands who now reside in Nassau.
  • Second, students will participate in the International Design Institute nonprofit group for approximately 3 weeks to provide solutions aimed at minimizing the adverse economic effects of Hurricane Dorian and future catastrophes


Program Details

Local Safety, Security, and Cultural Norms: If you have special needs related to health, cultural, or religious practices, please contact the DukeEngage office,, to discuss whether or not your needs can be reasonably accommodated in this program.

For information related to how your religion, race, sexual/gender identity, ability or other aspects of your identity might impact your travels, we recommend starting with the Diversity, Identity and Global Travel section of the DukeEngage website.

We encourage students who have questions or concerns about health or safety in international programs to check Duke’s International SOS (ISOS) portal for relevant information.


Reflection and Enrichment: This project will create opportunities for students to discuss issues related to the effect of displacement on the lives of children and families within a context in which the displacement is occurring.


Curricular Connections

Although this project is open to all students, this program may be of particular interest to students interested in education and social policy.