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Much like last week, this week was filled with mostly independent and partner work, with only  a few synchronous meetings, one of which was Eureka! orientation. Orientation was the most exciting part of this week, as we finally got to meet some of the campers we will be spending the next two weeks! All of the students seemed extremely nice and eager to learn, and I can’t wait to share the lesson plans we’ve been working on with them. In addition to the orientation zoom on Wednesday, we had another Race Affinity Workshop, which was an amazing opportunity for us to learn and work on ourselves as we continued preparing on our lesson plans. Outside of our zoom meetings, we met as partners to practice our lesson plans and clarify our questions about the upcoming weeks. There is still plenty of work to do to prepare for camp, but I’m so excited to show the campers all that we’ve been preparing for them and to learn and grow with them over the next few weeks!