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Its finally happening. All of the applications, class sessions, endless conversations with family members, and devoted thoughts have led up to a moment that is less than 24hrs away. Soon I will be taking steps in a country I never thought I would visit: South Korea. It is hard to contain my excitement as I stare at luggage packed by a door that is about to lead into a whole new realm of experience. Although it will be important in fighting off the impending jet-lag, I know I will have difficulty sleeping tonight.

Although it is common for final fears and aspirations to creep into the minds of soon to be travelers, I can truly say this is not my case. I have spent so much time, since being accepted, reflecting on what I want to accomplish for myself and the community that I have run out of thoughts. I feel entirely ready to both hold onto these predictions as well as tailor them to the reality that I will soon face.

I look forward to updating this section with my own personal growth and experiences. Lastly, for the first time in my life, I am genuinely ecstatic for the 12hr flight I have tomorrow!