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Today is my last Friday at Catholic Charities Legal Services, well at least for the foreseeable future. My last Friday BEATING Nico in a chess match in the conference room we have had the beautiful chance to call home for the last eight weeks. My last Friday buying an empanada and colada at the Cacique corner store. I said my goodbyes, expressed my gratitude and appreciativeness and wallowed in the realization that Cacique did not have any medium t-shirts. But, in their defense, they still had their classic beef empanadas, so kudos Cacique. My cohort will never know how amazing my empanadas are, but that’s alright ‘cause that’s just showbiz baby.


What is on my mind as I write this blog post is that it is so easy to forget the intrinsic beauty of your experiences without reflection. To live intoxicated by the marvel that is life is the state of being that I try to occupy as often as possible. Miami, its community, my cohort, seeing the wind caress palm trees into a whimsical sway, blasting Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” as I wrote this with Nico and Anh Huy, Nico yelling at me because my post is too short, and countless other memories have allowed me to continue basking in the wonders that life provides.