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Entering the UK

Last week was our final week at the City of Durham’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development. This week turned out to be a light week, especially with Independence Day in the middle of the week. Our cohort took advantage by making a short day trip to Jordan Lake for quick swim, followed by a treat from Pelican’s Snoballs (I got the watermelon and fuzzy navel flavors 😋). On our last day at work, Brian and the rest of OEWD organized a send-off lunch to thank us for the work we’d put in over the past several weeks. What I don’t think they realized was that we were all equally if not more grateful to the entire office for giving us such a warm welcome and an incredible opportunity to help make a difference in our community and learn about the rich history and context of Durham. These past six weeks went by in such a blur, no doubt in part because the work we were assigned was so meaningful and eye-opening to us all.

After leaving the office one last time on Friday, I had to finally face the music and pack everything that night, before making the drive back home to Charlotte to figure out exactly what I would be able to pack. After a long night full of debating and bargaining and frustration, I was finally all set for my journey. Just as my luck would have it, I would be the last to depart, the only one to have an overnight (and sleepless) layover in the airport, and the last to arrive in Durham after 11pm local time. Nevertheless, my mood could not have been higher as I finally made it to Hatfield College where I will be residing for the next 4 weeks. I hope you’re ready, Durham UK, cause here I come!