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For this week I was researching the difficulties that Haitians are facing within other South American countries. It is very difficult because the more that I kept researching, the sadder I got realizing that the plague of racism against darker-skinned people can’t truly be escaped. The more that I kept learning about these different countries and seeing the things that happen to people that have darker skin, the less I was able to actually be able to separate those countries from what America would be doing. A lot of countries had police brutality be something that would be happening against them or they would have fewer opportunities or have a higher chance of simply being targeted. It just sounded way too similar.


The part about this that broke my heart rested in the fact that these people are trying to move somewhere else where they would be able to have a better life. And although being in America would give them better opportunities and would allow them to escape their terrors within their homeland, it is crazy to think that there is going to be hardships that they might have experienced in other countries because of their race that they are going to either learn to experience here in America or adapt to different forms. This world is infected and hopefully, we are slowly working towards being a place with a cure.