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Sarah Rapaport, who participated in the DukeEngage program in Kakamega, Kenya, and has worked with the DukeEngage team as a guiDE student leader, crafted an intentional academic pathway that connected three important experiences at Duke. She was recently featured in an article by Bass Connections:

“At the conclusion of my first two years at Duke, a combination of FOCUS, DukeEngage and Bass Connections had catalyzed the development of critical thinking and analysis skills, introduced me to research and deepened my enthusiasm for civic engagement, all practices through which I found meaning and excitement. For the second part of my undergraduate experience, I wanted to find a home at the intersection of these passions – ideally, some area of brain injury research that had a community and cross-cultural component, yet required constant critical thinking to ensure the ethics and validity of the work. I found this home in my second Bass Connections team, Improving Neurosurgery Patient Outcomes in Uganda, which is known in the neuroscience department as the Uganda team for short.”

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