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The DukeEngage Orange County coordinators as well as the Global Women’s Health Technologies (GWHT) recruited a multi-disciplinary team of 7 Duke female undergraduates from various disciplines, including one from the Pratt School of Engineering to implement Ignite at Girls Inc. The DukeEngage Orange County program as it is referred to has targeted quality education and gender equality in previous years, and this year the focusing on affordable and clean energy. The team spent the Spring preparing the Ignite curricula and in mid-June, set off to Orange County, California to serve as facilitators at the Eureka! Summer Camp for girls in 7th – 10th grade. The design challenge that the students worked on was creating solutions to address energy poverty through the use of clean energy. The Ignite curriculum is not just about STEM education but empowering young female innovators to be global citizens and to appreciate the injustices that exist in the world. Ignite is truly a collaborative effort between the GWHT and Girls Inc. staff, volunteers and students.