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The 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Lists included an impressive 14 Duke alumni, as reported by the Duke Chronicle.

We’re proud to say three of those visionaries participated in DukeEngage while they were undergraduates.

  • Scott Martin, Principal, 8 Rivers Capital: Scott has been developing the NET Power project, a $150 million JV with Toshiba to build a novel natural gas-burning power plant that captures all of its own carbon emissions at no added cost. Built near Houston, the plant is now in testing phase. Scott participated in DukeEngage-Mombasa, Kenya in 2012.
  • Daisy Jing, Banish, Founder: Daisy Jing, who grew up struggling with cystic-like acne, founded Banish four years ago as an all-natural, organic alternative for customers with skin problems who were previously offered harsh cures like benzoyl peroxide. Entirely bootstrapped, Banish expects $3.5 million in revenue this year, and its Acne Channel on YouTube has more than 200,000 subscribers. Daisy participated in DukeEngage-Durham in 2009.
  • Hannah Sieber, EcoFlow Tech Co-Founder: EcoFlow is the company behind the RIVER mobile power station — a sturdy, water-resistant battery pack with 114,000 mAh/412Wh capacity holds charge for 1 year, rated for 500 cycles. Max 500 w output is strong enough to power a mini-fridge for 10 hours. Now for sale at Home Depot. Hannah participated in DukeEngage-Nicaragua in 2011.

Sieber and Martin were also profiled by the team at the Duke Energy Initiative.