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Cuquis Robledo (‘17) graduated from Duke two months ago and is already changing perspectives in America; specifically she is addressing misconceptions surrounding little people.

Robledo participated in DukeEngage during the summer of 2015, traveling to Seattle, WA, to work with Disability Rights Washington (DRW), an advocacy system designed to advance the civil and human rights of people with disabilities. Robledo came into DukeEngage hoping to learn how to be a better advocate not just for herself, but for others with disabilities as well. The following summer, she was awarded RIPP/Engage funding to continue her work with DRW in Seattle.

This past week, Robledo was featured in a news segment in which she encouraged people to give equal treatment and respect to little people. Robledo is currently the director of public relations for the Little People of America and is continuing with her DukeEngage mission — to fight for those with disabilities and to fight for herself.

Watch the video.