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My project empowers students across the world to utilize STEM skills and STEM knowledge to build prototypes with a specific need in their community. I’m so excited to join this project because I believe in the need for people in local communities to solve their local problems as they are the ones that can best put things into context. As a person who has lived most of her life in Nigeria,  I have observed several incidents of devices being imported from other countries that do not address the society’s needs. I firmly believe that empowerment of the people and getting them to see the need for social justice will also rapidly increase social innovation, and I also like the idea of disseminating STEM videos to educate communities and make STEM more approachable.

My role in this group project is to make and edit a video on how to make a pump (for hand sanitizer and liquid soap) with homemade materials. I’m currently working on the lesson plan and script, but I am really excited to film because I get to convey my excitement and interest in STEM to the students watching. I’m thankful to be part of a very supportive group that always answers my questions and makes everything clear to create a very successful project.