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This midway point in my Duke engage experience has largely been a point of reflection, contemplating what I have gained in the last month and what I hope to leave South Africa with. I entered this program hoping to reach some clarity on if I am interested in pursuing a career in Law. Though I do have a better understanding of the day-to-day life of a lawyer, I cannot say that I have a better sense if this is the career path I want to pursue.  While I expected to reach a degree of professional clarity on this program, I have come to learn much more about my personality and the type of environment that I function best in.

Before this experience, I had no intention to live anywhere besides the United States.  I was not necessarily opposed to the idea, but rather always had a set vision of moving back to my hometown after graduation and establishing a life there.  However, my experience on this trip and the surprising lack of feeling homesick have altered how I view the next 10 years of my life.  I now envision myself living abroad for a few years after graduation, quite possibly in South Africa.  This has also made me open to the idea of attending grad schools outside the States.  Though I am not certain if I want to apply to Law school, Medical school or some other grad school, I do know that I want to at least apply to South African schools.

Though I am not closer to choosing a profession, this experience has allowed me to understand the type of environment I hope to work in.  Though I enjoy the office that I am working in, it has also taught me that a desk job is not the type of environment that I wish to work in.  Perhaps it is because of my antsy and active nature, but I have found that I feel confined in a desk job.  As such, whether I choose to go into Law, Medicine or an entirely different field, I do know that I need to choose a specialty within that realm that allows me to constantly move around and interact with others rather than being anchored to a desk.