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Saturday, June 9th.

First day in Munnar!! After a long 4 hour drive (with a breakfast stop in between for, again, masala dosas and toast) we arrived at a spice garden / Ayurvedic medicine shop, went to a textile/cloth/handmade paper factory and shop, went to the tea museum and walked around the factory, went to a mixed martial arts workshop (where Arjun and Damilola got pulled on stage haha), and had a really nice dinner where Phoebe told us more stories about her life and we’re convincing her potentially to make us lists of podcast recommendations/start a podcast herself. Also Grace Damilola and I tried unsuccessfully to have a moth vacate our room (after sleeping at 1:30 am after trying to fix Grace’s backpack). Excited for tomorrow’s hike and other adventures!!!

Sunday, June 10th.

The hike was unfortunately canceled due to weather—but we stopped by multiple waterfalls and were surprised by some cute monkeys on our way back, so it was a win regardless. Phoebe got a nephew today, which was very exciting!! I did a lot of reading, had a weekly leader debriefing with Tess and Phoebe to wrap up everything from last week and was able to get a lot off my chest, and then ended the night relaxing and preparing for another week of planning and facilitating starting tomorrow.