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First day at my internship, I forget to bring in lunch. Second day, I forget again. Mind you I’m on a stipend, so I can’t afford eating out much, so then I started packing lunch. The third day, I come in with apple sauce and crackers. The employees at my office look at me perplexed. They ask if that’s my lunch in a slightly concerned voice. I say yes, of course. I was packing like I did for high school, which was usually pretty minimal. I was always too lazy to make food. Even sandwiches were off the table because I liked to minimize the time it took to get ready in the morning to preserve sleep. Anyway, needless to say, I soon discovered this is not a typical lunch in an office setting. The employees at my office ate sandwiches and salads among other more substantial items than applesauce and crackers.

Then the employees at my office discovered I had not yet had the pleasure (or maybe displeasure?) of having avocado. Soon they were discussing with me how to cook some basic things and offering words of advice on how to adult. I was a bit surprised to see such interest in my well-being. They told me what to buy to make a sandwich. Turns out a sandwich can be just about anything I want, but to start, the employees at my office recommended some staples such as tomatoes, lettuce, meat, and some condiment.

I got with the program and brought in a sandwich one day. It was two pieces of white bread with a slice of chicken in the middle. I was incredibly proud of myself and ate that whole sandwich up. I think I’ll try building a proper sandwich some time, tomatoes and lettuce and all. I should note that the first day at my internship, I had actually woken up a bit early in order to cook a roast in a crock-pot, so I think I can (maybe, sorta) cook with a little effort. And this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to cook since I need to anyway, given my stipend.