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This past Friday, I went to Jazz in the Gardens. This is an event that happens every Friday in the Sculpture Gardens on the National Mall where different music groups will come perform for people for free. It was one of those moments where I realized how much I’m going to miss being in DC when we leave in two weeks. I have loved being around so many young people that are interested in politics and the world while also being right in the heart of so much history and culture.

I have enjoyed living in DC this summer more than I thought possible. Before coming here, everyone warned me that it was super hot and humid, there was always a lot of traffic, and I was going to get sick of the city really fast. I have been pleasantly surprised that none of this has been true. Yeah, it’s been really hot a couple days, but I’m from Arizona so I don’t expect anything else for a day in mid-July. I have truly enjoyed trying really fun and trendy restaurants and spending countless hours going through the Smithsonian museums.

It has been especially cool and interesting being in DC with everything happening politically this summer. I have always been very invested in politics, and I’m pretty good at keeping up with the news. Being here, though, I have learned what it actually means to be informed and educated about the issues. Because you’re around a lot of people who know their stuff, you can’t really make it up as you go along. After this summer, I’m pretty confident I want to end up in DC after I graduate for at least a couple of years.