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This is a sort-of retelling of my experience at a braai (barbecue) this past weekend. It was such a great time, one of my favorites of this trip. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. Let’s do it again sometime.


Smell that spice. Can you feel the sparks being lit inside your nose? Ooh! Ooh! Try these! It’s beef jerky – but the South African kind called biltong. Oh… uh, sorry, didn’t know you hated spicy food… um… ooh, okay! How about these? They’re meatballs filled with cheese! Yikes, I just took them out of the microwave… do you need some water for that burn? Okay. How about we eat some of the carrots. Carrots are harmless, right? Wait, where are the carrots? YOU ATE THEM ALREADY?! Man, and you’re still hungry? Okay, okay… how about we just stick to these chips – they’re braai flavored, so you know they’re good. What? You want the marshmallows??? MARSHMALLOWS?! What’s so good about… oh, wow… that’s… oh gosh, I’m so embarrassed, I’m blushing… I’ll just uh… take a couple more of those, if you don’t mind…

Now, where can I sit? The couch is PACKED. Ooh, ‘scuse me. I’m just going to slip into that little empty area and oop– alright, what should we do know? Oh, I know! Let’s watch some music videos! Just pull up YouTube and search for some classics. What do you want? Lady Gaga? GoldLink? Actually, let’s just play a random playlist – it’ll be cool… Wow, it feels like I’m back in elementary school again. I remember when we just came home and sat and watched music videos on the TV and sang our little hearts out. Wow, I feel so at home… Ooh, what is this? South African music? Ooh, yaah, huh-huh, I like the sound of this!!! Hey, don’t look at me like that, you were just popping and locking to the song a second ago – yeah, okay.

Phew, I need some air, all that dancing got me hot. Oh my god. This is A LOT of smoke. Jesus, are you alright out here? Thanks so much for grilling and cooking! These look absolutely amazing! Oh, it’s kind of cold out here. I keep forgetting it’s winter… Mmm… that smells so good! What is it? Lamb? Chicken? Ooh, yeah… Heh, reminds me of my family’s little backyard barbecue. You know, that usually happens around this time, close to July 4th and all… Wha- what was that? Oh! Sure, I’d love a Savannah Dry! It’s my favorite drink here! Mhm… yup… yup… haha, alright! Let’s take these babies inside, hehe…

The plates just look so beautiful, I don’t want to mess up their beauty… oh, what the heck… Mmmm… this was DELICIOUS! Wow, you guys really outdid yourselves. I’m not gonna need to eat for another week! The chicken was seasoned so well and so soft. The pork treated me really well, like gosh, I won’t ever be able to eat pork again – nothing will compare! Oh yeah, the lamb was the best part – so tender, juicy, and great with the baked beans! Ooh, and the garlic bread too, mmm, can’t forget those. My mouth is watering again and I just finished eating! Ah, this was so totally worth the wait.

But hey, um… do you happen to have anymore of those marshmallows?