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Compared to last week, this week had much less structure in terms of synchronous meetings and daily assignments. This week was all about lesson planning for the two lessons that we will all be co-facilitating, so we did a lot more one-on-one meetings than we have previously, and focused heavily on creating the content and designing the slides for our lessons. My two lessons are on Encrypting and the “Behind the Scenes” of Video Games, and this focus on coding and technology is teaching me a lot that is complementing my previous studies (and probably future studies, too!) in computer science. I actually really enjoyed this week’s working method that was more free and individualistic, as I found that I connected much more with the others in my program in this setting (as opposed to a larger zoom meeting) as well as making more concrete progress on my assignments. We also had our first Race Affinity Workshop this week, and one of the things we talked about was the role of perspective in how we perceive and treat those from different backgrounds. This lesson is important in many contexts in addition to race, and I know it will be important to keep it in mind as we teach the Girl’s Inc. students with vastly different experiences and perspectives.