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(Let the good times roll.)

And roll they have! Last Friday (June 9th) marked the end of our first full week in New Orleans! I feel like I have experienced so much of the city and its unique culture yet simultaneously very little during this first whirlwind week. From exploring wealthy Uptown and the lively French Quarter (and its numerous festivals), working with passionate administrators, nurses, and providers at CrescentCare, this week has been interesting and jam-packed full of rich conversation and even richer food. Every excursion out of our quarters at Loyola University has presented a new facet of this city and its deep history.

This week has nailed every point in the emotional spectrum beyond just sheer curiosity and happiness. The sobering and difficult reality of post-Katrina rebuilding in the lower Ninth Ward where our tour guide explained how every empty lot represented a house that had yet to be rebuilt was especially impactful for me. It provided a reality check against the lively and raucous French Quarter which escaped flooding. The members of the Compliance Department at CrescentCare have inspired me with their passion but this has been tempered with the intricacies and challenges facing CrescentCare employees who are providing care to marginalized populations. I look forward to my next weeks at CrescentCare as well as continuing to explore the city and learning more about New Orleans’ History and Culture.

New Orleans has a festival for just about everything. Last weekend it was oysters, this week: the acidic and delicious creole tomato

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