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I made this chart to show some ways that I want to continue engaging in general volunteer work, potential obstacles that could arise, and solutions to these obstacles. I hope to keep all of these strategies for engagement in mind!

Ways to Continue Engaging Potential Obstacles Potential Solutions
Setting personal specific goals or deadlines Lack of motivation or losing drive because of other commitments Reminding myself to make time for the things I care about and writing these goals down
Setting overarching or thematic goals Feeling overwhelmed by having such large, optimistic goals Understanding that I only need to do my best and feeling driven by my passion for a cause
Educating myself about issues and ways to make tangible change Misinformation, ineffective intervention, or lack of sources or time to stay educated Take out time from my day to do something as simple as read the news in order to stay informed about the world around me; make sure my sources are credible
Working with others in the industry and maintaining network Losing touch with connections in the nonprofit world Make sure to maintain connections especially online; continue to ask questions, stay involved, and be curious
Getting involved in other nonprofit work and staying passionate about this involvement; diverse opportunities Not making time for volunteer work and getting caught up in myself or school/work instead; feeling burned out Signing up for email updates or listservs for opportunities; trying to say “Yes!” whenever possible; staying positive and thinking the outcome of my input