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To be honest, this week was uneventful – not monotonous or boring and definitely not because I don’t like the work. I love working at a law firm. There’s just no specific event or moment that I would be able to genuinely write 500 words about. So, I would like to use this week to document and compile a list of memorable and/or funny moments of this trip thus far:


1.    Head in the Clouds During one of our canvassing trips, we, who were on the ground, conducted an entire interview with a man who was on his roof. We also found out he was a conspiracy theorist.


2.    Hungry College Students During our first week at LSGM, I was scolded for eating cereal in the boardroom. No food is allowed there.


3.    Jose v. Jason On our way to our last canvassing trip, my LSGM group had a debate about decimals for half an hour.


4.    Thank You for Sharing Jose likes to send the LSGM group YouTube videos about ghosts and exorcisms before we sleep. And then he gets mad the next day when we tell him we didn’t watch it.


5.    Your Grandparents are Sleeping I have scolded four people in our hall at University of Miami so far for being loud after quiet hours. Some people like to listen to music without earphones while walking through the hall at midnight. Some people also like to yell (not exaggerating) in the hallway at midnight. Why?


6.    Sherlock Throughout our canvassing journey, we have been accused of being “detectives”, “part of the government”, and sent by the park manager on multiple occasions. We laugh about it, but I understand their skepticism and defensive tendencies.


7.    Boss Queen We call our supervisor at LSGM “boss queen” when she’s not around because she’s so awesome. She doesn’t know we call her that.


8.    Burning on a Bridge Because by the second week we started doing nothing on the weekends, we were determined to do something this one weekend. We decided to go to the Bayfront Park, where we did nothing. We still don’t know whose idea this was (Jason says it was Srinath’s idea), but we started walking on the Venetian Causeway, which is a bridge that is almost 3 miles, under the scorching sun. No one was ready for it, but no one said anything (except Jason, who mildly protested it). We started walking, instantly regretted it, took some selfies, and walked back.


9.    True. Spanish-speaking people in Miami refer to me as la china, which means Chinese female. Fortunately, they’re completely accurate – I am Chinese and female. But I also know they probably call all Asian looking people la china as well.


10.  When Food Meets Food-Lover Since we don’t have a kitchen in our dorm, we rely on fast food and restaurant take-out for most of our meals. Since I am a seasoned food-eater (euphemism for another word that would not be appropriate for this blog), I took it upon myself to introduce everyone to Postmates, Grubhub, and UberEATS, three delivery apps. When I told Sanjidah that she could have ice cream delivered to her doorstep, she literally started shedding tears. I am not joking – she legitimately started crying. And that’s when I realized, we had the same priorities in life.