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One of the interesting things regarding immigration cases is how there are many times where one has to prove that they are marrying a citizen out of love instead of simply becoming a citizen. The weird thing about that is that it seems to be very intrusive in finding ways to be able to ensure that the couple is truly in love instead of just doing it to help one of them out. The fact that one would also have to present emails, messages, and other forms of communication to have some more evidence to prove that it is love and not a simple facade is saddening. I can’t imagine feeling in love with someone, just to have the court or a higher power try and not believe in it and try their hardest to invade your privacy until they are certain that you are truly in love. Who has the power to be able to define love within two people? Are there things that one may think are love that the court may not? It simply seems to be a very sticky situation I would like to look more into.