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This summer, twelve Duke students will spend eight weeks working at various nonprofit organizations in Boston, MA.

In the first week, our program, led by Dr. David Malone, began by exploring a variety of perspectives rooted in the architecture, geography, culture, and history of Boston. Through guided walking tours looking at the Road to the American Revolution, the history of Chinatown, and the evolving architecture of the city, and by getting familiar with the different forms of transit in the city, we were able to ground ourselves in Boston and set ourselves up for a great first week with our partner organizations.

Our Partner Organizations:

  • Rebekah Lester (T‘20) and Julia Murrow (T‘22) are working at Raising a Reader MA, which works to close the literacy opportunity gap among children in high-need communities by helping families develop and practice shared home reading habits.
  • Harry Liang (T‘21) is working at The Leaders through Education, Action, and Hope (LEAH) Project, which works to increase diversity in STEM fields by training low-income high school students in Boston to teach STEM curricula to elementary school students, and by offering academic support and college readiness support.
  • Carson Hill (T‘22) and Catherine McMillan (T‘22) are working at MENTOR, a national organization that advocates and provides resources for mentoring programs in the United States.
  • Vincent Liu (T‘21) is working at LearnLaunch Institute, an innovation hub which connects and supports innovators to expand access to high-quality education for all learners.
  • Emma Olivo (T‘21) is working at the Center for Collaborative Education, which helps educators build equitable learning environments that enrich and engage all students.
  • Meghana Giri (T‘21) and Valeria Silombria (T‘21) are working at 826 Boston, a nonprofit youth writing and publishing organization that empowers traditionally underserved students to find their voices, tell their stories, and gain communication skills to succeed in school and in life.
  • Milan Hamilton (T‘20) is working at Citizen Schools, a nonprofit organization that connects middle school students with volunteers and mentors from the community to teach in a variety of topics and to incorporate project-based and hands-on learning into the classroom.
  • Eduardo Nunes (T‘21) is working at Union Capital Boston (UCB), a nonprofit that encourages community engagement through an app that helps community members discover events they can attend in order to learn, engage and have fun.
  • Jennie Wang (T‘21) is working at Root Cause, a non-profit consulting firm that works with other organizations and nonprofits to improve their services and better address social issues.

Check back on our blog often for photos, as well as updates from the students about their thoughts and experiences throughout the city of Boston!