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Hi my name is Alex Torres and I’m from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m a rising junior majoring in psychology (also on the pre-med track… just like everyone else at Duke). This summer I’m working at the American Red Cross with Jamie Karl, Lulu Wein and Scott Liu; our two main projects are the “Sound the Alarm. Save a Life.” Campaign and the Pillowcase Project.

So far my favorite enrichment activity we’ve done has been the cooking demo we attended at the New Orleans School of Cooking. Our instructor Pat made gumbo, jambalaya, bread pudding, and pralines and they were all AMAZING. I’m the worst cook you’ll ever meet so it was nice to have someone make us all of the traditional New Orleans food.

Stay tuned to read my next blog post on how I’ve attempted to be a real adult and cook for myself!


Please enjoy this pic of the four of us who work at the Red Cross looking confused as we try to figure out how to work the public transportation here, I’m the one holding the Starbucks cup (of course).

Hi! My name is Scot (far left), and I’m a Chemistry and Global Health double major. I’m working with the American Red Cross, giving emergency preparedness presentations to individuals in the region.