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New Orleans has been amazing. When I first arrived the subtropical climate and landscape was drastically different than my mountainous hometown of New Martinsville, West Virginia. Once I got used to the humidity, I was surprised that I really enjoyed the weather. People here are very social and their pride in New Orleans is refreshing to see. I have been fascinated with the history, food, and culture of New Orleans.

I’m having a great time at my internship with Children’s Hospital Volunteer Services. Interacting with patients has been fun, and the high schoolers I supervise are interesting. I have started to get a better understanding of the importance of producing a comfortable and encouraging patient care environment. Practicing empathy and expressing genuine compassion with people are important skills I have been able to develop during my internship. I have been able to practice and learn a lot about building rapport, and I am excited to learn more during my time at Children’s Hospital.