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Documenting Your Independent Project

Each DukeEngage independent participant must submit a Capstone upon completing their DukeEngage project.

Why? Your Capstone will help you integrate your DukeEngage experience academically and professionally. Building your Capstone will give you an opportunity to reflect on your project, to identify outcomes for you and your community partner, and to consider next steps you may take to build upon your experience.

A well done Capstone can easily become part of your professional portfolio — something to be referenced or shared for graduate school applications and during job interviews.

Students will be required to choose one of the options below and to discuss it with their mentor ahead of applying  to DukeEngage:


  • Digital Presentation – A video/documentary or a PowerPoint with recorded audio
  • Live Presentation – During the fall semester, present to prospective DukeEngage candidates
  • Reflective Paper
  • Independent Study
  • Continued Service
  • Participating in the guiDE program

For summer 2020 participants, the Capstone deadline will be September 11, 2020. If, at the end of your project, you wish to submit a different Capstone from what you had originally planned, please consult with your mentor and DukeEngage advisor.