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All participants are required to attend registration where they will provide necessary paperwork and begin travel and health preparations.

  • DukeEngage registration for international group programs takes place in January.
  • Registration for U.S.-based group programs and all independent projects takes place in March.

Students who will be studying abroad or away during the spring semester must follow the instructions in the acceptance packet about how to notify DukeEngage and complete registration.

If you do not turn in all required documents during registration we will not be able to move forward with stipend check processing, the visa process or booking your airline ticket and you may not be allowed to participate in DukeEngage.

Registration is held over a two-day period, during which students may drop in as their schedule allows. Please have all paperwork completed as requested before you arrive. Students are registered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Depending on how many other students are waiting, processing time varies. Please expect to spend 45 minutes to an hour.