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Travel Policy and Preparation FAQs

Raptim Humanitarian Travel  books the flights of all DukeEngage participants, faculty and staff and provides 24/7 traveler support. All actual ticketing is done via e-mail. DukeEngage pays for your ticket directly. Participants completing independent projects and those in group programs will receive a schedule at DukeEngage Registration, which identifies the date their ticket will be booked later in the semester. DukeEngage will not reimburse you if you book your ticket through an online service or another travel agency, and doing so is cause for disenrollment from the program.

Identify the city from which you wish to depart and to which you will return for your DukeEngage travel. An agent from Raptim Humanitarian Travel will determine the airport from which you will depart and to which you will return.

The “Secure Flight” program of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration requires that your airline reservation include your full name, the spelling of which must match exactly the full name listed on the Verifying Identity Document (VID) you will present to board your flight. To eliminate any potential for error in completing this essential part of the reservation process, you will be asked to provide a color scan of either your passport (if you are traveling abroad or if you use your passport for travel identification purposes while traveling domestically) or your driver’s license.

Students who live within 100 miles of the program location are required to provide their own transportation to the site. DukeEngage will not provide reimbursement for any associated costs, nor does the program or the University assume any liability for travel to and from the site.

If your program or project is in the United States and you drive both to and from your site, DukeEngage will not reimburse any costs or liability associated with the operation of your vehicle during the period of your participation. Once you decide to drive to and from your DukeEngage site, you may not opt to fly any segment of your program-related travel.

The dates of your departure and return are determined by the dates set for your group program or finalized for your independent project when you complete the DukeEngage registration process; you may not leave earlier or return later than these fixed dates.

DukeEngage requires Raptim Humanitarian Travel to prepare travel itineraries solely on the availability of the most economical rates (taking into account the cost of any airline baggage handling fees) using normally traveled routes, provided that a route does not significantly compromise the effectiveness, purpose and safety of a student’s travel. Carrier brand name recognition, frequent flyer affiliation, the length of waits for connecting flights, desire to coordinate airline itineraries with other travelers, etc., play no role whatsoever in preparing itineraries.

Due to the increased frequency of flight delays and cancellations, DukeEngage has directed Raptim Humanitarian Travel to build extra layover time into international itineraries. Additional layover time en route to international gateway airports significantly reduces the chances of not connecting to an international flight that, if missed, may delay you for days.

Please note: DukeEngage books a simple round-trip airline ticket for program dates, so you will return to the same airport from which you depart. DukeEngage books tickets only from major airports (e.g., RDU). Ground transportation to and from the originating airport is the responsibility of the traveler and will not be reimbursed by DukeEngage. For those metropolitan areas served by multiple airports (e.g., SFO/SJC/OAK, MDW/ORD, DCA/IAD), DukeEngage reserves the right to book from the most economical departing airport. Please refer to the DukeEngage Travel Policy for more information.

No. DukeEngage participants will receive only non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable tickets for simple round-trip itineraries. Thus, you will receive a ticket that takes you only from your point of origin to your DukeEngage location and back to your point of origin. You are required to fly all booked segments of your airline ticket.

DukeEngage, in collaboration with the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative, provides you with an opportunity to voluntarily offset the greenhouse gas emissions produced by your air travel. To do so, you may contribute to the University’s projects in North Carolina that reduce methane, which is a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than CO2.

If you earn frequent flier miles, points or awards from the airline ticket DukeEngage purchases for you, we encourage you to consider donating them to a charitable organization.