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Students admitted to DukeEngage are required to comply with all Policies and Requirements established by DukeEngage.

Before you accept admission to DukeEngage, make sure you review both the Participation Agreement emailed to you, and these Policies and Requirements.

As described in the Participation Agreement, DukeEngage can delay or terminate your ability to participate if you fail to adhere to the Participation Agreement or these Policies and Requirements. See Section 3 of the Participation Agreement.


As a condition of being permitted to participate in the Experience, Student must complete all pre-departure requirements established by DukeEngage by any applicable deadlines, including without limit, the following:

  1. Complete all mandatory pre-departure components, including registration, site-specific orientation sessions, and the Fortin Foundation Academy. The Academy includes four sessions, the DukeEngage Convocation on Sunday, March 22.
  2. Provide a color copy of a valid passport no later than January 6, with an expiration date of at least six (6) months following the end date of the Experience and with at least two blank pages. If Student obtains a replacement passport after providing a copy to DukeEngage and before travel to the Experience, Student must immediately provide a color copy of the new passport to DukeEngage.
  3. If a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, provide a color photocopy of Student’s Social Security card at the assigned DukeEngage registration date. If not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, provide to DukeEngage a photocopy of Student’s Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) issuance letter no later than April 15. DukeEngage will assist international Students accepted to a DukeEngage program in applying for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
  4. Complete and submit the medical information survey, the pre-departure reflection survey, and any other form or survey identified to Student by DukeEngage, by any deadline established by DukeEngage.
  5. If Experience is located in a country Student requires a visa to enter, fully cooperate with the visa expeditor hired by DukeEngage to seek the necessary visa, including complying with any deadlines established by the expeditor.
  6. For international program/project participants: schedule and attend a pre-departure and any other recommended follow up medical appointment(s) with the Duke Student Health Travel Clinic and receive recommended vaccines. Student has an obligation to notify DukeEngage of a change in health status from the day of acceptance through the last day of the Experience.
  7. If managing ongoing or chronic physical health and psychological issues, schedule an appointment with a personal medical care provider to discuss management of the issues during the Experience.
  8. Duke has a reasonable accommodations process through which Student can request disability accommodations. Information about the process may be found at DukeEngage encourages all Students to discuss with a program manager, as early as possible, any potential concerns or modifications Student may need to request. Contact to discuss further.
  9. Obtain adequate quantities of all prescribed medications from a pharmacy and take prescriptions as directed.
  10. Complete Duke University Minor Training and a Duke University-sponsored criminal background check (if required).
  11. Confirm appropriate insurance coverage through the Duke University Student Medical Insurance Plan or other medical insurance.
  12. If an Individual Experience requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, complete the Office of Undergraduate Research Support training and approval process.


DukeEngage funds all expenses it determines to be program-related, including without limit, expenses for:

  • The required pre-departure visits to the Duke Student Health Travel Clinic
  • Vaccinations required for entry to country of Experience location
  • Prescription medications recommended by Duke Student Health Travel Clinic providers for health maintenance prior to the DukeEngage Experience
  • Visa acquisition through a visa expediter
  • Transportation to and from the Experience location
  • Lodging, meals, and transportation during the Experience*
  • All program-sponsored activities during the Experience*
  • Contingency funds to cover unexpected expenses, such as a meal during a flight delay or other unplanned expenses

*Individual Experience: DukeEngage funds Students based on the cost of living in their host community. Students are responsible for using these funds to procure their own lodging, meals, and local transportation.

DukeEngage does not cover expenses for the following:

  • Ground transportation to the originating airport for travel
  • Obtaining or updating a passport
  • Privately purchased travel insurance
  • Personal medical expenses and hygiene items
  • Personal activity that falls outside the Experience Description

Travel on Commercial Airlines:

DukeEngage pays for the authorized, program-related air travel of all Students. Key Travel works with program leaders and DukeEngage staff to assign travel dates based on Group and Individual Experience start and end dates, purchases all tickets on behalf of DukeEngage Students, and invoices those tickets directly to DukeEngage. Students are required to use their DukeEngage-issued ticket and will not be reimbursed the cost of airline tickets booked through other travel agencies or online.

DukeEngage purchases round-trip coach class, non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable tickets from the point of origin to the destination of the Experience and back to the point of origin.

Example: A Student participating in DukeEngage Jordan with a permanent address in Mexico City, Mexico will receive an airline ticket to take them from Mexico City to Jordan and return them to Mexico City. Student will NOT receive a ticket that returns them to any other location than Mexico City.

Once the ticket is issued, Student may not change it and must travel on the established itinerary.

Home Airport:

DukeEngage assumes responsibility for programmatic travel costs starting and ending at the originating airport. Ground transportation to and from the originating airport is the responsibility of the Student and will not be reimbursed by DukeEngage. DukeEngage will attempt to accommodate Student’s home airport request but reserves the right to purchase a ticket departing from and returning to the nearest metropolitan airport if scheduling or cost preclude departing from a regional airport.

Travel within Country of Residence:

If Student is participating in an Experience in the country where they have a permanent home address, DukeEngage will provide one round-trip, intra-country/domestic airline ticket to the community in which they will serve, provided the site is located 100 miles or more from their permanent home address in the country.

DukeEngage will not pay for airline or ground transportation if Student’s Experience is located within 100 miles of their permanent home address, either in the U.S. or abroad.

Example: Student’s permanent residence is Rome, Italy. He is accepted to complete a DukeEngage independent project in Venice, Italy, which is 244 miles from his home in Rome. DukeEngage will provide Student with one round-trip airline ticket from Rome to Venice and back to Rome. DukeEngage will not, however, provide him with an airline ticket from the U.S. to Italy and back to the U.S.


DukeEngage travel itineraries are selected solely on the availability of the most economical rates, taking into account the effectiveness, purpose, and safety of a Student’s travel. In particular:

  • Carrier brand name recognition, frequent flyer affiliation, the length of wait for connecting flights, requests to coordinate airline itineraries with other travelers, etc., play no role in the ticketing process. DukeEngage does not customize itineraries and will not honor requests to coordinate travel itineraries.
  • Tickets will not be issued for in-country stays outside the dates of a Student’s Experience, may not be used to accommodate family vacations or other personal travel, and will not include a multi-stop route the purpose of which is not directly related to traveling to or from a DukeEngage site.

Baggage Fees:

The contingency funds provided by DukeEngage have been calculated to cover the typical cost of one bag per traveler. This calculation is based on a bag that conforms to the air carrier’s size and weight limits per traveler. DukeEngage does not reimburse Students for additional checked bags, overweight luggage, or curbside gratuities.


Likewise, the contingency funds provided by DukeEngage are intended to cover the cost of regular meals during Student’s travels. DukeEngage does not separately reimburse Students for the purchase of food while in transit.

Ticket Issuance Process:

All steps of the ticketing process will occur through Duke University email only.

  • Students must check their Duke University ( email account frequently throughout business hours on the designated booking day(s).
  • As Key Travel may not issue tickets without student approval, failure to approve an itinerary by 12:00 p.m. on the day following receipt of the itinerary may result in removal from the Experience. Student must approve the itinerary by way of email reply to the Key Travel agent, after confirming the accuracy of the travel dates, the city where Student will begin and end their travel, and the spelling of their name.

Note: Student first and last names must match exactly the spelling as they appear on Student’s passport (if traveling internationally) or the government-issued photo identification Student plans to present at the airport. If the name on Student’s photo identification and airline ticket do not match exactly, boarding may be denied. DukeEngage will not cover the cost of replacing the unused ticket in this circumstance.

  • An electronic ticket will be issued after Student confirms their itinerary and a DukeEngage staff member approves it. It is Student’s responsibility to keep track of their electronic ticket record and to print out boarding pass(es) before departure.
  • Because airlines frequently make schedule changes to already issued tickets and sometimes cancel flights, it is the Student’s responsibility to confirm their itinerary with the airline 72 hours in advance of departure.
  • Students traveling internationally should arrive at the airport three hours in advance of departure. If traveling domestically, students should arrive at their airport two hours in advance. DukeEngage will not cover the cost of replacing an unused ticket should Student miss a flight.

On-Site Travel:

DukeEngage or a third party will arrange transportation to and from service placement locations and activities that are not within reasonable walking distance. Students may not arrange for their own transportation to placement locations and Experience activities.

DukeEngage does not endorse or advocate the use of personal vehicles by Students for any travel related to the Experience that occurs before, during, or after the program dates. DukeEngage will not reimburse Students for any costs incurred through the use of a personal vehicle. Duke University’s auto liability insurance does not cover Student’s personal vehicle, nor will Duke pay for Student’s auto liability insurance or reimburse any deductible.

Student may not cross national borders and must limit all travel to the country of the Experience.


As a valid passport is a prerequisite for applying to international programs, DukeEngage does not pay for passport services. Students traveling abroad must bring their passport (not a photocopy) and one color copy of its inside spread to their assigned registration (January 15 and 16 or March 18 and 19). The expiration date of the passport must be at least six months after the date on which Student’s DukeEngage Experience concludes, and the passport must contain at least two blank pages (not including amendment pages).


A visa expeditor will be on site at Registration to assist Students travelling internationally who must apply for travel documentation. DukeEngage will cover the cost of the visa, provided Student arrives at Registration with the necessary documentation outlined in the acceptance packet. If Student is enrolled in a spring study abroad or a study away program and is unable to attend Registration, Student must inform DukeEngage to receive information on how to proceed.

If a visa is required, Student must leave their passport with DukeEngage at Registration unless they need it during Spring semester. If Student needs their passport, they must submit it to DukeEngage during DukeEngage Registration for U.S. programs on March 18 and 19 between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm in West Duke 101.

Student will be notified by email when their visa is issued and their passport is ready to be picked up at the DukeEngage office.


For Students on an International Experience, DukeEngage will provide a basic local cell phone for program-related and emergency communication. Student is responsible for keeping enough credit on it to make a call to the DukeEngage emergency phone.

For Students on an Experience in the United States, Students must have and carry with them at all times a personal cell phone for program-related and emergency communication.

All DukeEngage Students must keep phones charged and must be reachable by phone at all times.

Laptops and Other Electronic Devices:

Students may bring a personal laptop or other electronic devices, but DukeEngage is not responsible for and will not reimburse Students for loss, theft, or damage of any personal property, including electronic devices.

Export Controls:

Students must remain compliant with U.S. laws controlling the export (or disclosure) of both goods and technology and with sanctions upon certain foreign countries. See for more information.

Student takes full responsibility for knowing and obeying the laws of the Experience’s host country regarding alcohol and other drugs. Unless permitted by host country law, Student will not possess, consume, furnish, or distribute any alcoholic beverages.

Student further understands that Duke University has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to the possession, use, manufacture, production, sale, exchange, or distribution of illegal drugs and controlled substances. Student understands that violations of applicable law or policy may result in immediate dismissal from the program.

Unless explicitly authorized by DukeEngage in writing, individuals associated with Student (including without limit, Parent or Guardian, children, friends, and relatives) may not join Student at the location of the Experience, and if they are in the location, DukeEngage will not permit such individuals to participate in any part of the Experience.


Student is solely responsible for the security of all funds and possessions. DukeEngage is not responsible for and will not reimburse Student for loss of possessions and funds, regardless of the reason for the loss, including without limit, losses of airplane tickets purchased by DukeEngage, the right to travel due to a missed flight, the stipend provided by DukeEngage, goods purchased with the Stipend, or personal luggage, laptops, phones, or other electronic devices.

When necessary for the Experience, Student will be required to replace, at their own expense, any lost funds, tickets, missed flights or possessions. Student should consider, at their own expense, purchasing travel insurance for all such losses.


Student is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and condition of all accommodations paid for by DukeEngage, for keeping track of and returning all keys to the accommodations, and for leaving accommodations clean and in good condition at the time of departure. If Student fails to do so, Student will be financially responsible for cleaning or repairs.

  • If accommodations require cleaning and/or repairs at the time of check-in, Student should immediately report this to DukeEngage program staff and to the owner and/or manager of the accommodations. If Student fails to do so, Student will have to pay for cleaning and repairs.
  • While occupying accommodations, Student must report all damages that occur, even if Student is not the person who caused the damage. If damages occur to accommodations assigned to Student, Student shall be responsible for all such charges unless another person claims responsibility and agrees to pay the cleaning and/or repair charges.
  • If two or more Students occupy shared accommodations paid for by DukeEngage and no Student takes responsibility for damages to the accommodations, DukeEngage will assign an equal share of the cost of cleaning and/or repairs to each Student.
  • In cases where a Student is responsible for reimbursing the cost of cleaning and/or repairs, the Student may either be responsible for paying the manager or the owner of the accommodations upon check-out, or for reimbursing DukeEngage. If reimbursement is due to DukeEngage, Student is responsible for remitting payment in full within 30 calendar days of written notification from DukeEngage. Failure to do so will result in a registration block to Student’s University Bursar Account.

As set forth in the DukeEngage Participation Agreement, DukeEngage Experiences are designed as a full-time commitment of 56-60 sequential days, exclusive of travel to and from the Experience location. Absent written approval from DukeEngage, Student must be present for and participate fully in all elements of the Experience as set out in the Experience Description.

Duke University cannot provide any assurance that the Experience will occur as described. Changes may be required as deemed necessary or advisable by Duke or a third party in light of health, safety, or security considerations or the programmatic interests of the Experience.

If an Experience is cancelled before it begins due to low enrollment or any other reason, DukeEngage will advise Student but makes no guarantee of placement in another DukeEngage Experience and has no further liability to Student.

Student and Parent or Guardian each understand, acknowledge, and agree that DukeEngage may delay, suspend, or terminate Student’s participation in the Experience, either prior to departure or during the Experience, at DukeEngage’s discretion, because:

  • Student has violated the terms of the Participation Agreement, including any of the Rules and Requirements set forth in in this document.
  • Student participation in the Experience poses or will pose a risk to the health, safety, or welfare of Student or others, or will materially disrupt the Experience for others.

Student and Parent/Guardian each understand, acknowledge, and agree that if Duke suspends or terminates Student’s right to participate in the Experience while Student is on it, Student must leave the Experience immediately.

In the event DukeEngage suspends or terminates Student’s right to participate in the Experience:

  • Student or Parent/Guardian must pay the expenses necessary for Student to return to outbound airport or city of origin.
  • Student and Parent/Guardian may owe and be required to pay to Duke the costs incurred by Duke on behalf of the Student in connection with the Experience, or the planning of it, including without limit:
  1. Airfare, vaccination and visa costs, and payments to housing providers or other businesses that have provided goods and services
  2. Stipend funding
  3. Return flights and associated travel expenses
  • DukeEngage will not be recorded on Student’s University transcript.
  • Any condition that causes Student to delay or not fully complete the DukeEngage Experience must be fully reported, in writing, to the DukeEngage Associate Director of Operations within 72 hours of occurrence.

Student shall not be liable for repayment of the cost of the DukeEngage Experience in the event DukeEngage determines, in its sole discretion, that Student is prevented/delayed from beginning and/or completing the Experience due to causes beyond Student’s reasonable control and occurring without Student negligence, such as but not limited to natural disaster, war or civil unrest, and breakdowns in commercial transportation. Under these circumstances, Student must refund a pro-rated portion of the Stipend and relinquish any unused airline tickets to DukeEngage.

Student must complete all post-experience requirements, including without limit the Fortin Foundation Academy Reunion on Sunday, August 30, a post-experience survey, and a capstone project (for Individual Experience students only).