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2020 Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy

The 2018 Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy was held on East Campus, May 8-9, 2018. More than 600 students, faculty and staff participated. We are grateful to all attendees and presenters for their thoughtful and careful preparations. View a photo essay of the 2018 academy here.

DATES FOR 2020: May 5-6

Students participating in Duke Engage programs for summer 2018 take a moment to pose with Duke president Vince Price in Baldwin Auditorium

Duke’s Exclusive Student Training Conference

The Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy is the largest civic engagement conference of its kind. In the world. It represents Duke’s unwavering commitment to preparing its students to be successful and ethical global citizens.

Each year in early May, the Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy unites students, faculty, summer staff and community collaborators for two days of intensive pre-departure training. Through carefully-selected workshops, unique speakers, individual group reflection and team-building time, DukeEngage provides the groundwork and tools for effective civic engagement, safety and self-care, as well as fostering an ethos of critical reflection about the world around us and our place in it.

The Academy empowers participants with questions and tools to sustain a sense of curiosity, investment and flexibility throughout their summer projects — and into the future.

Required workshops explore topics such as:

  • The Ethics of Engagement
  • Privilege & Partnership
  • Serving Across Cultures
  • Succeeding On Your Own (for independent project participants)
  • Health, Safety and Travel

A variety of optional workshops are also offered, including: Succeeding in the Workplace, Documenting your Experience, Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue, Grant Writing for Nonprofits, Traveling as a Woman and much more.

The Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy builds skill-sets and competencies that can serve students during their DukeEngage summer — and into their careers.

“You will learn things in your DukeEngage experiences that can never be taught in a classroom, and we hope that you will bring your experiences back to Duke to share with your classmates and colleagues. In so doing, you will enrich our campus life and our ongoing civic engagement activities.” – President Vincent Price at the 2018 DukeEngage Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy

May 2017 - President Brodhead Addresses DukeEngage students at Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy just weeks before his retirement. It was his ninth and final send-off presentation to students about to embark on a summer of service.

Sample At-A-Glance Agenda

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s an overview of the 2017 DukeEngage Academy. Please note: Students are busy with training during all hours of the two-day event. Do not make appointments during those days or plan to do other things. You must be present for all scheduled sessions.

Download sample agenda.

Event Logistics

Here are some things to keep in mind about the Academy:

  • Because this training is critical to both student and program success, all DukeEngage participants must attend and participate in two full days of activities. If you know you cannot attend the Academy prior to your desired summer of service, please speak with an adviser before you apply because you cannot do DukeEngage unless you attend the trainings.
  • During Academy hours, there will be no time to leave the event. Do not plan any outside appointments during the Academy.
  • We cannot accommodate early departures for flights or other transportation. (We strongly encourage you not to book flights that depart before 10pm on Wednesday evening.)
  • At the end of the second day, the students who’ve completed all of the requirements will receive their stipend checks and be ready for their summer placement to begin!
  • Attire for all Academy events and workshops is business casual. You will be meeting visiting speakers, community partners and Duke faculty, so keep it professional. (Think twice about high heels. You’ll be walking quite a bit between buildings on East.)
  • DukeEngage participants who live on campus will have special permission to remain in their dorms until the day after the Academy ends. A reminder that you will not have time to return to your dorms to complete packing during Academy hours. Please make sure your packing tasks are done early!
  • Limited Duke bus service will provide transportation to and from East Campus before and after training sessions. We ask that you not leave East Campus during Academy hours.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are provided on day one. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided on day two.
  • Mobile devices are encouraged for note-taking and to use the DukeEngage App, but please be respectful and professional and do not pull out your phone during sessions to read or post or play.

Be on the lookout for additional info. We’ll email more details closer to the Academy.

During the 2015 Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy students participated in a special edition of PopUp Chorus to compose a musical message to their Community Partners.