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“How to Apply” sessions are general overviews of DukeEngage and the application process. Program-specific sessions give you the chance to hear from leaders and former participants of the programs that most interest you. We encourage you to make time for both.

“How to Apply” General Info Sessions

We offer How to Apply sessions each fall to provide a broad overview of DukeEngage and the application process. These sessions will cover the differences between group programs and independent projects, answer FAQs about the application process, and include opportunities to chat with previous student participants. We hope to see you there! Remember, these general sessions are a prelude to the program-specific info sessions in October, where you’ll be able to meet program leaders and ask them specific questions.


September 2018

Wednesday 9/12- 4:30pm, Physics 128 (Add to calendar)

Tuesday 9/25 – 4:30pm, East Duke 209 (Add to calendar)

October 2018

Thursday 10/4 – 4:30pm, East Duke 209 (Add to calendar)

Friday 10/12 – 4:30pm, Soc Sci 139 (Add to calendar)

DukeEngage Month: Program-Specific Info Sessions

Learn more about specific group programs and independent projects during the month of October. Thirty-minute information sessions about each program provide an opportunity to meet program leaders, ask questions, and hear from students who participated in previous years. In Independent Project sessions, past participants will talk about how their projects were developed, and share their work.

October 10-23, 2018

Wednesday 10/10, East Duke 108 (Add to calendar)

5:00 – Race and justice in the post-apartheid era in South Africa
5:45 – Strengthening immigrant communities by promoting social justice in Miami, FL
6:30 – Exploring migration and border issues in the American southwest in Tucson, AZ
7:15 – Addressing human rights and the global refugee crisis in Serbia
8:00 – Supporting local development in the changing Middle East in Jordan

Thursday 10/11, West Duke 108B (Add to calendar)

5:00 – Preparing young people in the Middle East for higher education in Lebanon
5:45 –  Empowering girls through education and health in Kenya (WISER)
6:30 – Enriching the lives of children through English and arts-based education in China
7:15 – Teaching and working with refugee and migrant youth in Korea
8:00 – Independent Projects – Student presentations and how to apply

  • Allie Rauch, North American Association for Environmental Education, Washington, DC
  • Nimisha Pant, WindAid, Trujillo, Peru (sustainable energy)
  • Samantha Wind, Duke Engineers for International Development, Madagascar (clean water access)

Monday 10/15, Friedl 107 (Add to calendar)

5:00 – Comparing approaches to community-based economic development in Durham, NC / Durham, UK
5:45 – Rebuilding community through innovation and entrepreneurship in Detroit, MI
6:30 – Addressing social inequities by advocating for children and families in Boston, MA
7:15 – Connecting culturally relevant pedagogy with urban education in Chicago, IL
8:00 – Supporting children and families through education, law and policy in Charlotte, NC

Tuesday 10/16, Soc Psy 129 (Add to calendar)

5:00 – Independent Projects – Student presentations and how to apply

  • Rachael Lau, Duke Engineers for International Development, Madagascar (clean water access)
  • Juliana Carvalho, Marine Mammal Center, Sausalito, California

5:45 – Empowering youth as agents of social change in Cabo Verde
6:30 – Enhancing youth culture and stemming youth flight in remote areas in Togo
7:15 – Educating and equipping women and children for financial independence in Western India
8:00 – Building hope through education, service, and construction in Uganda

Wednesday 10/17, Physics 150 (Add to calendar)

5:00 – Researching, restoring and conserving tropical resources and habitats in Costa Rica
5:45 – Developing workforce skills and conserving the forest environment in Chile
6:30 – Developing resilient energy systems through innovation and entrepreneurship after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
7:15 – Implementing entrepreneurial solutions in rural communities in Guatemala
8:00 – Independent Projects – Student presentations and how to apply

  • Hector de Galard Terraube, Duke Engineers for International Development/Bringing Hope to the Family, Uganda
  • Kristi Gambuti, A21, Orange County, CA (human trafficking)
  • Samuel Rabinowitz, WindAid, Trujillo, Peru (sustainable energy)

Thursday 10/18, Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (Add to calendar)

5:00 – Serving individuals with disabilities in St. Petersburg, Russia
5:45 – Promoting public health, public policy and human services in New Orleans, LA
6:30 – Supporting homeless LGBTQ youth in San Francisco, CA
7:15 – Building infrastructure and teaching youth in Vietnam
8:00 – Improving nutrition for hospitalized patients through a farm-to-bedside approach in Rwanda

Monday 10/22, The Edge Workshop Room in Bostock Library (Add to calendar)

5:00 – Developing and promoting coastal conservation efforts in Thailand
5:45 – Building community through conservation and education in Peru
6:30 – Restoring and sustaining ecological diversity in Kauai, HI
7:15 – Conservation and urban environmentalism in Portland, OR
8:00 – Addressing challenges in sustainable urban development in Seattle, WA

Tuesday 10/23, Rubenstein Library 349 (Add to calendar)

5:00 – Contributing to national science policy in Washington, DC
5:45 – Empowering girls through STEM education in Orange County, CA
6:30 – Improving health care by repairing medical equipment in Tanzania
7:15 – Improving health care by repairing medical equipment in Uganda

U.S. Programs Open House

January 16,11am-2pm

The Edge, Bostock Library (Add to calendar)

Take advantage of one of your final chances to learn more about these programs, and get your questions answered by program leaders and former students before the January 23 application deadline. All U.S. programs will be represented.

Ask a guiDE!

Have more questions? Want to ask a student who has participated in the program? Talk to one of the members of our DukeEngage guiDE group.

Click here for a complete list of guiDEs