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Perspective is everything

Our perspective defines our worldview

The way we were raised

The way we have been taught to see others.


Perspectives for some are stagnant

Even if they don’t make sense

They remain the same

Because of a refusal to listen.


Perspectives for others are fluid

For the open-minded, limits are boundless




Human connection has long been

Something celebrated, something that is needed

At the core of humanity, and yet

It’s still a profound obstacle in society.


How do we overcome this barrier?

This relentless cycle of division?

Of exclusivity?

How do we foster empathy?


We look to a second source.

We look to the companions that

Have been our friends for centuries

That have brought out the qualities that make us human.


When we welcome pets into

Our private space, our home

We learn kindness

We learn to care for someone else.


When we give our pets food

Water and toys

A bed to sleep in

We learn to be attentive to someone else’s needs.


When we give our pets love

Cuddle them when it storms

Scratch that spot just behind the ear

We learn compassion.


A pet teaches us so much

Morality, the way we want to be treated

The way we should treat others

And the relationships that spring from reciprocated love.


If we could all

Open our hearts to each other

In the same way we open our hearts to pets

The world may be a little brighter.


If we could

Listen, respect one another

Love one another, uplift one another

Empathy can become second nature.



As an intern at Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe, I continue to learn each week how much we can learn from our pets. From building character to teaching responsibility, animal care benefits us in a variety of ways. Empathy is a significant component to human connection, and our pets can better prepare us to listen, be kind, and respect others.