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My first day at Threshold Clubhouse began with a lighthearted conversation about Duke Basketball around the coffeepot (what I would soon discover to be the social hub during the morning). As the only student from our program placed at Threshold, I was especially worried about being viewed as an outsider and expected for it to take quite some time to connect with members of the organization. To my pleasant surprise, I immediately realized that connection and conversation was very natural and even vital to the operation of the Clubhouse. I was then given a tour of the facility by one of Threshold’s most enthusiastic and personable members. As we made our way through the four work-oriented units that focus on developing independent living skills and fostering opportunities for employment, I noticed that nearly every person I saw was engaged with one another in an activity of some type.


Threshold Clubhouse is dedicated to helping and supporting adults with severe mental illness, and does so through collaboration and active involvement within the Clubhouse community. What I saw on my tour was a great example of the collaboration that is so important here and a testament to Threshold’s effective implementation of the clubhouse model for mental health rehabilitation. The wonderful dynamic created together by members and staff makes Threshold truly special.


As this is my first week, I have been cycling through the Snack Bar, Clerical, Kitchen, and Employment and Development units. Although each unit has its own unique characteristics, the work-ordered day is conserved throughout the entire Clubhouse and includes member-run meetings to assign tasks and discuss announcements. I have also been working on compiling member data to investigate the efficacy of Threshold as a resource for adults with severe mental illness. Every step of this work is done side-by-side with members, resulting in an excellent learning and working experience for everyone involved. I am thankful to have discovered such a great program in the heart of Durham and am excited to spend the next month learning and working here at Threshold.