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Earlier today, the seven other duke students and I spent a little over two hours doing ice breakers and games with a group of elementary school students. It was crazy and all together overwhelming as they were loud, rambunctious, and competitive just as they should be. They had a good time playing the games and had no trouble putting themselves first. It was odd to me at first, as it seems as though you are always reminded to be polite and put others before yourself, however, I realized that it was merely their nature. At their age, I am positive I also put myself first as it feels much better to win than it does to lose. Nevertheless, there was a glimmer of hope in the pushing and the betrayals that come from a game like Captain’s coming where groups of a certain number are made and the quiet or shy often get kicked out first. One student in particular consistently offered up her spot in a group that would have kept her in the game to one of the smaller, less vocal girls that had been easily forgotten by the loudest and most competitive of the group. She made no fuss about it and happily sat down next to me despite being out of the game. She even shrugged off my praise of her selflessness saying that it was not a big deal, but it was. In an age where a person is naturally inclined to think more about themselves, it was shocking to see her break the mold. It gave me hope and showed me the great maturity that an incoming sixth grader can have. I hope that these Girls Inc. girls continue to astound me as they grow to be strong, smart, and bold.