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This article is an extremely in-depth analysis of the situation of the Miskito people in Nicaragua and the complete disregard and complicity of the government. The indigenous tribes were promised “saneamiento” or government protection for their protected lands, but instead the government has promised corporations grazing rights to their lands. On the ground, the reality is that “colonos” or almost equally poor nicaraguans, are penetrating the indigenous lands with the promise of money. The sad truth that is not spoken about in the article is that these people are also extremely poor and have been forced from their lands for a variety of reasons (including a government plan to build a second canal connecting Atlantic with Pacific.

At first the Miskito tried to compromise with the “colonos”, but it was ineffective and the power imbalances too great. The “colonos”, though poor and desperate, have the backing of powerful and moneyed corporations and are much better armed. So while the government tries to say “just compromise with the colonos”, the Miskito are better served by insisting the government follow through with the promised “saneamiento”.

As I mentioned before, the article does not go in-depth about who these “colonos” actually are. Knowing who they are complicates the narrative but also does not undermine the work. Often while organizing, this thought occurs: “If we win X, won’t that mean Y will be defunded?” And yet, we have to organize and perhaps by showing how that can happen and succeeding, one day the colonos will organize and fight for their rights to a better and free-er life.