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The first week of my independent project has been really enjoyable. I am working for an organization that helps non-profits navigate the process of receiving a bid from USAID. My team and I are working on a handful of projects to help automate some of the processes within the organization. For example, one of our projects is to automate the process of pulling contact information for each project. By hand, this can become very tedious. By automating this process, we are increasing the organization’s productivity allowing them to help more non-profits.

Before our first meeting, I was expecting the culture within the organization to be a little cold. I was presently surprised to see that the culture is very warm and open. This is a small organization, so I quickly learned that the employees are very close. Our supervisor is a recent graduate, and she is very open to questions. She and the CEO were very open to discussing current events and assured us that we could take an offline day if we needed to.

I am excited to complete the projects and learn new skills in the process. Each of the projects has a clear purpose and I am excited to take ownership of the fact that I helped the company in any way. I am also excited to learn more about international development and its industry.

I’ve enjoyed working with my team and the organization. I feel as long as we continue to communicate and bounce new ideas off of each other, we will we able to deliver sustainable processes that ultimately help our organization help others.