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Week four of eight: the halfway mark! Time is truly just flying by. On Wednesday, June 9th, I kept thinking about how in exactly one month, on July 9th, DukeEngage would be over. July 9th would be my last day as a summer intern at Dade Legal Aid… crazy!


This week was particularly full of webinars and conferences, ranging from professionalism and leadership to protecting children from trauma throughout criminal and other civil proceedings. I have been working on updating Dade Legal Aid’s records of Voluntary Bar Associations in the Miami-Dade area, and on the websites of these associations, I have noticed that these associations continuously host important and interesting events. I have had people in my family ask me how student organizations are useful and why I join them in college. I have also found myself questioning that sometimes, especially in pre-COVID times when trying to figure out catering for events on campus or understanding how the Student Organization Finance Committee (SOFC, the group responsible for the recognition and funding of undergraduate student groups) works. I realized that, among the many benefits of joining a student group, the event management skills necessary for hosting student events actually come in handy in professional careers, such as being a lawyer because bar associations host many events throughout the year because the learning never stops.