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I honestly cannot believe that I am now halfway through this summer at FJI. Time truly is flying by – and to be frank I wouldn’t mind if it started to slow down a little. One of the things that I was hoping to start figuring out through the work this summer is whether a lawyer is something that I could see myself being in the future. And especially after this week, I’m leaning towards yes more than ever before.

Now it could just be that Legally Blonde was on yesterday, but I suspect that what I’ve been doing and seeing at FJI plays a big part in this realization. This week, I listened in on a deposition for the first time. I’ve always been interested in the law, but especially during the deposition, I noticed myself subconsciously trying to absorb everything that I could about how these types of proceedings work, legal strategy, common practices, etc. Almost as if I’m trying to prepare myself to one day be in the position of deposing someone myself.

The same thing happened when I was reading through a document where a judge went through his reasoning in granting a motion. Rather than just reading it to understand what it said, I realized that I was really taking time to go through the logic in my head, make sure that I understood the nuances, and trying to think through any counterarguments. It feels like my brain is trying to pick up on as much as it can while I’m in this cool position of being involved with legal work but still in a place of learning.

Overall, I truly think the work FJI does is so interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next half of the summer brings.